Feel yourself in the most chocolate fairytale in the world!
Delicious chocolate and the opportunity to find a golden ticket inside — just like in the fairytale «Charlie and the Chocolate Factory».

1 golden ticket = 100 GEL!
On sale: 500 chocolate bars и 5 golden tickets inside
Chocolate bars left for sale:
You still can find there 5 golden tickets
One chocolate bar
One delicious bumble-chocolate bar
3 chocolate bars
3 delicious bumble-chocolate bars — milk, dark and white chocolate, at a discount
All Golden Tickets are nested and distributed randomly throughout the lot of chocolate. No one knows what bars the golden tickets are in, not even us:

  • golden tickets were invested in random chocolates,
  • all the bars are distributed in an order unknown by anyone — in your order of three chocolate bars, there may be 2 or 3 tickets at once!

Along with the opportunity to win 100 GEL, you will receive amazingly delicious first-class chocolate — your tongue buds will thank you!
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